Things to be aware of when trekking and preparing for a trek. Planning is key.

Prepare before departure

  • Tell a family or friend where you’re going and for how long.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary supplies before you leave (for example: water, map, first aid kit).
  • Review the weather before departure, this will help you bring the most appropriate gear you’ll need.

The main things to not forget!

  • A first aid kit which has all the essentials.
  • Food and fresh water. If water is too heavy to carry bring a filter.
  • A map of the area, review the map before you leave so you know you can understand it.
  • A torch (make sure it’s working!).
  • Proper footwear.
  • An extra pair of socks.
  • Sun screen.
  • The correct clothing (for example, a rain jacket, gloves, hat – you should have a good idea of the clothing essentials once you check the weather forecast.)
  • Emergency contact numbers, always keep them in your pocket or where they’re easily accessible.