Camping to Glamping!

So you want to go glamping, however not just any glamping! You want to stay in the most upscale glamping location in the world, sound good?! Well we have you covered, interior designers Dublin have designed some of the most amazing glamping experiences in this world, they have all the facilities of an upmarket hotel, you wont even notice your sleeping outside!

No 1: The shipwreck: located in Namibia national park

This site is in the most rural area, located in the national park of Namibia. If you want to experience real beauty this is the place to go. In total there’s 10 tents to stay in, they all have an open fire to keep you nice and cosy and let the world pass by.

No 2: Eco Camp

Eco camp located in Chile is the ultimate mountain retreat. If you want to be one with nature, this place is for you. Be aware, you won’t be getting wifi or electricity in this location as Eco camp is a no electricity zone. This is a great location if you wish to trek, they also have day tours which offer an array of activities daily.


If you like sand, this place is for you! Located in the desert in Morocco, this place is completely off the beating track where sand dunes stretch for miles. This camp is known for its great food.

No 4: Sal Salis

This incredible camp is located in Australia. If you want to see animals in their natural habitat, this is the place to be. This camp caters for 18 people, 9 tents in total. This is an eco friendly camp where they only use renewable energy sources.

No5. Whitened, Switzerland

If you want an adventure this is the place to go. This camp features 15 cabins. If your looking for 5 star accommodation look no further as you will find it here.