About Us

Hey, we’re Kevin and Nelson!

Welcome to our page and thanks for checking it out.

So where to begin! We met while both working in London. Our days were busy, we didn’t work 9am to 5pm, it was more like 8am-10am (on a good day!).

After being stuck in an office all week we’ve always taken full advantage of our weekends and this is where we discovered our passion trekking and camping!

We don’t always get the appropriate weather in England to do this year round so this got us thinking… we decided to quit our jobs, rent our apartment and travel. We’ve met many people along our way and learned new trekking and camping tips which we’ll share with you as we go!

If you’d like us to cover anything in particular, please get in touch.

P.s: Here’s some of our adventures so far and a lot more to come!