Camping, Motorhome Show & Caravan Exhibition 2020

Yes, the Camping, Motorhome Show & Caravan exhibition is coming back in 2020.

I’m sure a lot of experienced trekkers and adventurers know what this exhibition features, and if you haven’t been to one before you’re in for a treat, as it’s a fantastic day out for families and everyone with a keen interest in trekking and camping.

The 2020 exhibition will showcase some of the largest displays in the world, and these aren’t just any displays this exhibition is completed to the highest standard with some of the most exciting camping displays around, the last event even had interior designers Dublin over who designed stands and exhibition layouts, so it’s no wonder this event attracts thousands of people worldwide.

You’ll be able to purchase and view some state of the art equipment at this exhibition, this includes EVERYTHING one needs for a successful camping trip.

This event will take place in Birmingham in February 2020.