Camping, Motorhome Show & Caravan Exhibition 2020

Yes, the Camping, Motorhome Show & Caravan exhibition is coming back in 2020.

I’m sure a lot of experienced trekkers and adventurers know what this exhibition features, and if you haven’t been to one before you’re in for a treat, as it’s a fantastic day out for families and everyone with a keen interest in trekking and camping.

The 2020 exhibition will showcase some of the largest displays in the world, and these aren’t just any displays this exhibition is completed to the highest standard with some of the most exciting camping displays around, the last event even had interior designers Dublin over who designed stands and exhibition layouts, so it’s no wonder this event attracts thousands of people worldwide.

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To experience trekking alone is a rewarding and blissful feeling. That being said, this article discusses certain constraints that should be kept in mind when doing a trekking activity as a solo.

An ideal trek is often perceived as an activity that is best enjoyed with family and friends while gathering around a bonfire and sharing some dinner. However, trekking alone is a whole different story.

Trekking alone has a lot of benefits. It provides you with a great opportunity to relax and realign your thoughts while you train yourself to be an independent person. It is recommended for anyone to make this opportunity as part of their bucket list to enhance one’s skills. As with all other first time activities, this calls for a great deal of preparation, especially as you have to fend for yourself. Keep in mind that even those who are used to this kind of activity also tend to leave behind an essential thing or two. As a start, the following are things that should be considered while trekking alone.


Budget Considerations for an Outdoor Trek

There are times when you are content with low-budget trekking gear, until a friend of yours arrives with a high-class gear!

These instances are perfectly normal!

There are varied opinions on how to approach trekking: whether to stick with inexpensive tools and gadgets, or invest with branded ones that can effect your savings in one go.

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How to Enjoy Your First Overnight Nature Trek

When it’s not that cold it’s definitely better to go outside and enjoy the the beauty of nature. If it is your first time (or first in a long time) to experience a full-on nature trek, there is a need to prepare for the essential things to bring and get yourself prepared.

The things that you need to prepare for your trek will depend on the natural environment that you want to explore. If you want a simple overnight trek on a nearby hill or mountain, one needs to prepare the right camping items, which will definitely include cooking equipment and sleeping bags. As a start, you should also decide whether to pack light or to bring full-on gear. In packing light, the items to be brought are usually more compact and easier to move around and assemble, which are ideal in smaller groups.

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Camping to Glamping!

So you want to go glamping, however not just any glamping! You want to stay in the most upscale glamping location in the world, sound good?! Well we have you covered, interior designers Dublin have designed some of the most amazing glamping experiences in this world, they have all the facilities of an upmarket hotel, you wont even notice your sleeping outside!

No 1: The shipwreck: located in Namibia national park

This site is in the most rural area, located in the national park of Namibia. If you want to experience real beauty this is the place to go. In total there’s 10 tents to stay in, they all have an open fire to keep you nice and cosy and let the world pass by.

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In preparing the right gear for an upcoming trek, there are so many factors to consider. Preferably, you would think about bringing toiletries, small containers, gas light, etc. However, a lot of trekkers tend to forget the most vital items one they already venture outdoors.

In any outdoor nature trek, it is necessary not to leave behind the following gear, for these are very essential.